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"Inonectima is all about extraordinary people in an ordinary environment wearing inonectima designs and speaking on their life statement/life philosophy. And I make a movie out of it to share the motivational message and keep the inspiration flowing." Maria

The story of Inonectima (from Greek "merging advantages" - made up word - so everything you google on it was generated by us ;) goes back to over 2 decades ago when its founder Maria Tukhas was born half-Finnish half-Russian into the family of a doctor and a professor of physics. The conceived DUALITY was reinforced by a plethora of education she received: having graduated with a gold medal from school she went on to gain a distinction in MA Industrial and Civil Engineering in Russia,  where she won a scholarship to go to Canada to study Lidar Applications and Digital Terrain Models. The area sparked not only her fascination with more universal and cosmic issues, but also unraveled Maria's true PASSION for art and design. To pursue it, she successfully gained a design degree from famous Central Saint Martins, in her second year there received a grant to organise a self-initiated group exhibition of 25 graduates from the UK top Universities in the form of Poetic Design Cafe filled with functional art pieces and poems by authors (a progression of her earlier initiative at a hospital where she crowdfunded a mixed media exhibition: each painting was accompanied by a narrative story with the intention that patients waiting in the line could distract themselves from negative thoughts and fear and submit to the power of one's imagination instead), and by the time she was en-route to embark on a phd "Exploring Emotional Design Through the Use of Digital Media" at the Royal College of Art she stopped. it all. She left all to study Kundalini Yoga, graduated from the Kabbalah Centre and became a Dzogchen practitioner.

The new perspective of Action was born. Inonectima reemerged with the motto "Power to YOU" - power to unite mind, body and spirit through the joy of good design tailored to YOUR preferences and having YOUR DNA (life philosophy as we refer to it) imbued in an inonectima product. By the time the deeper concept was formed the purposeful luck took place and aligned Maria's creative vision with Contrado's great quality manufacturing "Made in London" to enable You to receive bespoke affordable luxury fashion items within 3 days: "Powered by inonectima inspired by you."

As for the future - the future of inonectima lies in its artistic expansion. As a platform currently it allows you to View - Meditate - Act through an extensive use of resources - be it our ambassadors gallery, news updates or Art happenings. We are digitally native and social media open, all about giving YOU our best creative output. Affection from London, Inonectima


  • Jenny Holloway, director Fashion Capital
    I can personally vouch for Maria. She is so talented. Our website is and we own a Factory making for M&S and Asos Maria is very talented!
    jenny holloway
  • Tracy Robinson, director at The Sample Rooms & London Designer Sale, Oxford St 73
    Apart from being one of the designers on our showcase, Maria has designed our whole branding for our new fashion outlet at Oxford st. 73 in London. The response we have had is unbelievable. Everyone loves the design and she has created an amazing brand image for us. We could not be happier.
    tracy designer sale London
  • TJ Herbert Founding Partner & CEO Okobay
    Thanks again for the shirts – we were chuffed. Due to the massive success of your shirts you made for us we need to get more printed!
  • Oscar Latorre-Bosch, Photographer
    This was one of the most pleasurable photoshoots – it is very interesting what you are doing. Went so quick!
    Oscar Latorre-Bosch
  • Karta Singh Khalsa, Founder and Director of the international Kundalini Yoga school Amrit Nam Sarovar.
    You have strong spirit. Go and act. Don’t hide from secular.
    Karta Singh Khalsa2
  • George Eugeniou, director Theatro Technis
    Maria is an old friend of Theatro Technis. We wouldn’t be able to go without her brilliant designs for each of our production.
    Theatro Technis

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